In short, Echo, a forest nymph, falls in love with Beautiful Narcissus as he begins his journey exploring the forest. The Goddess Juno takes away Echo's ability to speak fully as a punishment for disobeying the gods. She can now only echo the last few words of others’ sentences.  Finally, physically encountering Narcissus in the forest and professing her love through his quoted words, Echo is rejected by Narcissus. Overtaken by anger, Echo punishes Narcissus, making him fall in love with his reflection, losing himself in his beauty and drowning where he last sees himself.   A single Narcissus flower, a daffodil, had grown in his place.

Since I heard the story of Narcissus and Echo, I have been fascinated by it. Whether it be my love for the ancient world and mythology, my fascination with beauty, being surrounded by it and creating it, I couldn't think of a better name for the brand.

I was mesmerized by the myth of Narcissus & Echo at a young age. 

Narcissus & Echo

The Story Behind the Name